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M2O Group

Connecting people and processes to grow your business


Our specialty: Connecting the right people and developing effective and productive relationships that help your business grow.

M2O Group is familiar with the many facets of business whether it's developing relationships, navigating public sector channels, driving company revenues or executing on a vision.  

From business development and lead generation to expertise in hiring and training the right workforce, our powerful network and extensive experience allow us to be a nimble and effective addition to your team. 

Want to open your Montana operation?  Want expert connectivity on the ground?  Do you need an answer to who, what, when and where? M2O Group connects and coordinates efforts navigating the agencies in government or the companies that are making things happen. 




P.O. Box 160846
Big Sky, MT 59716


(406) 579-8676



Areas of Expertise

Business Solutions

Sales and Business development.

Broadening Sales

Targeted and strategic sales growth implementation and execution. 

Advising & Consulting

Branding, Marketing, Events, and Product Launch Strategy.



Connecting our network to yours for meaningful business opportunities with over 28 years of private and public sector work. 

Driving Revenue

We help you drive more revenue in a targeted and strategic manner that underpins your companies values and goals.  

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Montana Connections

If you need something or someone in Montana, we are the group to engage.


Meg’s efforts over the last four years as the Commerce Director will leave a lasting impression on my administration and on the state for years to come.
— Governor Bullock


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