M2O Group


We're here to help your business grow to its full potential.

Our approach is hands on and customized to your specific needs. We listen to your team’s goals, getting a thorough understanding of where you are now and where you want to go. Then we go to work and develop a strategic plan to achieve your goals. With more than 28 years of work in the private and public sector, connecting and navigating she is at the core of our effectiveness. 


business Solutions

Sales and business development. 

Broadening Sales

Targeted and strategic sales growth implementation and execution.

Private & Public Sector

Strategies on engaging your private sector business with relevant public sector channels and vice versa.


Advising & Consulting

Branding, Marketing, Events, and Product Launch Strategy.



Connecting our network to yours for meaningful business opportunities with over 28 years of private and public sector work. 

Workforce Consulting

We'll help with  the “right” hire and think strategically about your workforce needs. 


Public Relations

Let us help you gain exposure to the relevant audience with a strategy that drives revenue.

driving Revenue 

We help you drive more revenue in a targeted and strategic manner that underpins your companies values and goals.

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Montana connections

If you need something or someone in Montana, we are the group to engage.

International Trade

In bound and out bound international go to market strategies and execution.