M2O Group


Raise Funds


A University needs to raise private industry funds to support a new program, they need connections and a plan. We came in as Industry Liaisons. We are providing consultation and advice on internship programs, career fairs, trends in career paths, and serving as a gateway to inform the program with the comments and ideas straight from the industry.


It all started with conversations to address specific needs.  From there, we wrote the first scope to get the ball rolling. Without the willingness and experience to flush out what they needed, this initial phase would have been more than a month. I synced our network with the Universities network, leveraging my relationships from Big Sky and as Director of Commerce. The networking is done through all communication channels. We want to get funds and feedback to make a bomber degree program with qualified, talented young professionals that are eager to complete their degree.


Raise funds for the new program and have a constructive feedback loop to the University, to ensure the program graduates highly educated and trained young professionals.